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24 October 2013

Tripura CPM Leader Slept on Cash Bed

Samar Acharjee on a bed of cash

Agartala, Oct 24
: The claim of CPI-M party that the earnings of expelled local committee member Samar Acharjee of Bankumari in Agartala who slept on cash bed last week has been voided by Agartala Municipal Council (AMC) yesterday.

Earlier, in a statement CPI-M Dukli divisional committee secretary Subrata Chakraborty said that the act of Samar Acharjee was against communist ideology and principles but made it clear that Samar Acharjee had constructed low cost sanitary toilets in the locality and earned a substantial amount. He termed it as 'misdeeds' on the part of Acharjee, which had badly affected the image of the party.

Hence, he was expelled from the party and removed from all posts. Meanwhile, in a separate statement, AMC Chief Executive Officer said, "AMC does not give any such construction work to Samar Acharjee and they do not know him even."

It claimed that the work order for construction of sanitary toilets for the poor urban dwellers were given after collecting proper quotation from the local entrepreneurs and non-government organisations where Samar does not had any entity.

Meanwhile, former leader of the opposition and sitting MLA of Congress Ratan Lal Nath alleged that AMC's statement clearly indicated that Samar Acherjee's earnings were illegal and CPI-M party tactfully trying to save the party leaders from corruption charges by expelling him.

"Now it is a clear case of corruption and administration is yet to file any case against him rather a very planned manner party members are criticising Samar Acherjee's act of sleeping on full of cash not questioning his source of earnings," Mr Nath alleged.

He also demanded legal action against Samar Acharjee and institute proper investigation to find out the source of his earnings besides, making the asset details and their source of earning of all leaders from Panchayat Chief to CPI-M state committee members to public.

A local television channel last aired a footage where 42-years-old Samar, contractor by profession was seen sleeping on cash worth of Rs 20 lakh at his residence in Jogendranagar, outskirts of Agartala with an audio narration. Samar was heard to stated on camera, "I have been given work of Rs 2.5 CR for construction of 2400 low cost sanitary toilets in a few wards of Agartala Municipal Council (AMC) area and I earned Rs 70 lakh out of that and I cherish my dream of sleeping on hard cash because I am not hypocrite like other comrades."


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