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23 August 2013

Chinese Incursion in India Caught On Tape

For the first time in television history, Chinese troops were caught on tape intruding in the Indian space at Indo-China border near Taiwan in Arunachal Pradesh.

The video fueled racist comments on Times of India's Facebook page as some Indian commenters resorted to stereotypical remarks such as "ching chang chung ching".

The record was however soon set straight by Kima, a popular Mizo blogger from Mumbai, who commented:

"Sorry to contradict some of your sentiments but the language you can hear is not Chinese, the Indian soldier is speaking in Mizo, he's a Mizo, he's calling out to his Mizo mates and saying "Hepa hi min lo manpui rawh" (Help me grab this Chinese guy!), "Hminga, a kawnghren ah khan man ta che" (Hminga, grab him by the freaking belt) etc.

They're trying their best to push them back. Come on Mizos, show these Chinese our headhunting traditions and put the fear of God in them. And to my Indian fellowmen, can you please refrain yourselves from saying stuff like "ching chang chung ching" etc? There are a hell lot of people from the North East with similar facial features guarding the borders FOR India, protecting all of us."

The earlier racist comments have since been deleted.

Watch the video of the Chinese incursion caught on tape: