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04 April 2022

Manipur Girl Babysits Brother in Class,imgsize-29978,updatedat-1649039652480,width-200,height-200,resizemode-75/90631999.jpg

Manipuri girl attends class with little sister in her lap

It's no secret that children are full of empathy and compassion. Sometimes, they are also capable of assuming the role of a babysitter or a caretaker for someone younger than them.

Be it consoling or babysitting, the art of caring comes naturally to some children. Not so long ago, a heartwarming video from Arunachal Pradesh a little girl consoling her emotional classmate, who was crying.

This time, a photo of a 10-year-old Manipuri girl attending school with her younger sister in her lap has drawn the attention of netizens and Manipur Power, Forest, and Environment Minister Th. Biswajit Singh.

The 10-year-old student of class 4, identified as Meiningsinliu Pamei, went to school on the day while babysitting her little sister because her parents were tied up with farming duties.

The moving photo drew the attention of Biswajit Singh, who wrote: "Her dedication for education is what left me amazed! This 10-year-old girl named Meiningsinliu Pamei from Tamenglong, Manipur attends school babysitting her sister, as her parents were out for farming and studies while keeping her younger sister in her lap."

    Her dedication for education is what left me amazed!This 10-year-old girl named Meiningsinliu Pamei from Tamenglo…
    — ANI (@ANI) Apr 2, 2022

The minister informed that he was able to contact the little girl's family and asked them to bring Meiningsinliu to Imphal.

Singh added that he will take care of Meiningsinliu's education until her graduation.

“As soon I noticed this news on social media, we trace her family & asked them to bring her Imphal. Spoke to her family that I will personally take care of her education till she graduates. Proud of her dedication,” Singh tweeted.

According to reports, Meiningsinliu family resides Tamenglong district in northern Manipur. She studies at Dailong primary school in Tamenglong district of Manipur.

The photo has left a lasting impression on netizens, who lauded the little girl for her dedication to education and her sister.

"Such dedicated children leave us speechless but proud of this nation who keeps giving us such strong children who are the reason of this nations might," a user wrote.

"It is absolutely heartening and her dedication at this tender age is commendable," wrote another.


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