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13 January 2021

Hundreds of villagers use ropes to pull truck out of gorge in Nagaland, video goes viral

Videos being widely shared across social media sites show the villagers using ropes, bamboos and vines to pull out the truck.

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People on social media were moved by the efforts of the villagers.

In a unique rescue operation, hundreds of villagers in Nagaland came together to pull out a truck of a gorge that was nearly 70-feet deep. A video of the unique feat is now being widely shared online.

According to local reports, the truck carrying ginger was headed to Dimapur when it suddenly lost control and fell into the gorge. But villagers of the Kutsapo village in Phek district promptly responded to the incident and managed to pull the truck back onto the road.

Videos being widely shared across social media sites show the villagers using ropes, bamboos and vines to pull out the truck. They even sang in unison to encourage one another as they worked.

Nagaland state legislator and BJP national spokesperson Mmhonlumo Kikon took to Twitter to share the video hailing “the spirit of unity” that made the operation successful. The video has since been viewed over a million times.

Another video shared by Abu Mehta, adviser to the Nagaland CM and Secretary General Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), shows the operation from a different angle. Commenting about the rich cultural heritage of Naga society, Mehta added: “This video from interior #Nagaland exemplifies & showcases the strong social bonds that is so deep rooted in #Naga society.”

Speaking with EastMojo, Kutsapo village council chairman Zashevezo Rhakho said that men from the village who were “fit and not sick” were called upon to help and “about a hundred of men positively turned up for the rescue operation”. He added that it concluded quicker than expected.

The chairman explained that assistance from the villagers was needed since the remote village had no heavy machinery.

“The truck fell few metres down the road at a turning point. We tied ropes to the truck and build steps with bamboo to prevent the truck from skidding down when we pull it. We cleared the areas where the tyres will roll-up. That is how we managed to easily pull it off,” he told the outlet.

The truck had eight passengers including the driver, but no one was severely injured, the report added.

Traditionally, stone pulling rituals to commemorate achievements are pretty common in some tribes of the state. Many commenting on social media drew parallels between the ritual and the technique used to pull up the truck. However, many also criticised the poor condition of the roads that caused such accidents.

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