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28 October 2015

11 Mizo Students Held for Assaulting Neighbour, Cops

Mysore, Oct 28 : Eleven youths from Mizoram, also students of a prestigious law college here, were arrested for assaulting a woman and policemen on Monday night. They were partying in their rented house and the woman had told them to reduce the noise.

Thirteen students have rented a house owned by Yogesh near Sanjeevini Park close to Kamakshi Hospital in Saraswathipuram. The students had rented the first floor house while the ground floor was occupied by Vanitha and Pruthivi and the second floor house was rented to a family from Madkeri.

Police said the students would party every night and it was a nuisance for neighbours who warned them they'd call the cops.

On Monday night, the law students threw a party for a friend from Bengaluru. Ten boys and three girls were allegedly drunk and allegedly threw cigarette butts to the ground floor.

Vanitha, who lives on the ground floor, warned the students that she'd complain to the cops. But the students had a verbal spat with her and in the commotion, assaulted her with a beer bottle. They also attacked neighbours who rushed to her rescue.

The injured Vanitha called Saraswathipuram police. Head constable Shantharaju and a constable rushed to the spot. The students assaulted Shantaraju too. Additional policemen were called to the spot.


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