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30 May 2014

Rajnath Orders Ensuring Of Security of People From Northeast

New Delhi, May 30
: Harassment of people from the Northeast living in different parts of the country has been flagged by Home Minister Rajnath Singh as an area of concern and directed that their security must be ensured at any cost.

Hours after taking charge, Singh today directed Home Ministry officials to ensure security of the people from Northeast, particularly those living in metros, and said their harassment cannot be tolerated.

Following his order, the Home Ministry will soon issue an advisory to all states, where there is a sizeable number of people from the Northeast, to sensitise their police and take a serious note of any complaint of harassment, official sources said.

The Home Ministry will ask the states to ensure zero tolerance to any such harassment and take speedy steps upon receiving any complaint of atrocity on people from Northeast and deploy adequate security personnel for their protection.

The states will be asked to hold regular seminar, workshop to sensitize local people about the culture, customs and way of life of the people from the Northeast and respect it.


to write an essay is an art and far from said...

But this is the right decision. We all need to fight racism in all its manifestations. After all, he humiliates human rights and himself. And this is wrong.

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