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16 May 2014

International Trade Expo Begins at Aizawl

Aizawl, May 16 : Mizoram Governor Vakkom Purushothaman this afternoon inaugurated the 2nd International Trade Expo at Assam Rifles Ground in Aizawl organised jointly by North East Trade Expo and Industries Department of Mizoram Government.

The Expo which has participants from foreign countries will be held for 15 days.

Thanking the organisers of the Trade Expo, the Governor expressed his hope that the event would have a positive impact with the presence of businessmen and big companies from abroad and from different states in the country who expose their products.

Local businessmen and the common people would learn a great deal from such a big event, the Governor said.

He added this kind of event often turn out to be a useful means of improving the financial condition of a State and the whole of a country.

The Governor wishes the participants from outside Mizoram to spend a great time during their stay and invited them to visit, if they have time, Zokhua Reiek (Mizo Traditional Village) and Hmuifang Tourist Resort which are near Aizawl.

In his inaugural address, Mizoram Governor Vakkom Purushothaman defended North East India from the prejudice held by people in other parts of the country and by even neighboring countries as a region as being conflict-torn and home to militancy.

This is not fully true and not all the states of North East India is insurgency disturbed area, the Governor said, adding that, in Mizoram, especially, the people uphold an abiding peace to this day.

He also expressed hope that the state would reap huge benefits by hosting this 2nd International Trade Expo.

The Governor further stated, "International trading gives both consumers and countries the opportunity to expose and be exposed to goods and services not available in their own country.

The 2nd International Trade Expo brings with it a wide variety of merchandise together in one trade show for public consumption.

The people of Mizoram would not only be able to-display their products but also view and purchase goods from other States and Country with ease" .

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