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04 October 2013

World Vision India Launch Program for Differently-Abled in Nagaland

World Vision India recently launched a special program in Nagaland's Mon district in an endeavour to provide better facilities to people with disabilities.

The project, titled "call me by my name", aims to empower people with disabilities through social inclusion, full participation and support from regular development programs by September 2016.

It will also help in providing equal opportunities and increasing the participation of these people in different spheres. The government has constituted several programmes and provides several facilities to the physically challenged. Through this project, people will be made aware of such rights.

"It is a special project under World Vision India for four years where we are aiming for inclusive education, for a social model where everybody is equal, has equal rights and has access to all the government entitlement and facilities," said NR Kithan, representative, World Vision India.

The project launched under the Mon Area development program is for a period of 4 years. A total of 423 people with disabilities from 20 villages under the Mon district have been identified as part of the project. Wheel chairs, crutches and other items were distributed to the beneficiaries during the event. The project has come as a ray of hope for many.

"World Vision has launched a program for the physically disabled so I am very happy. Even in the future it will be very helpful for us. I am very grateful for the effort and support given by world vision. They are doing their best," said Wangshok, President, Mon District Handicapped Society.

Such initiatives are necessary to improve the living condition of the differently-abled and help them lead a better life.

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