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04 September 2013

Scarlett Johansson Shows Her Curves At Venice Film Festival

Jaws surely dropped when Scarlett Johansson hit the red carpet at the Venice International Film Festival Tuesday.

Johansson looked gorgeous in a curve-hugging, off-the-shoulder Versace gown that conjured up feelings of Old Hollywood glamour. She topped the look off with a Bulgari High statement necklace and upswept hair.

The 28-year-old stunner arrived at Palazzo del Cinema on Sept. 3 for the premiere of Jonathan Glazer's sci-fi drama, "Under the Skin." The film is about an alien posing as a human named Laura (Johansson) who entraps men in Scotland using her seductive wiles.

"It’s hard to give a kind of warm-up line for the story because it’s almost like giving the plotline of a Bergman film, but I’m playing a character called Laura, who is an it that becomes a she," Johansson previously explained during an interview for Interview magazine. "That’s what the story’s about -- it’s about that transformation... It basically has no written dialogue, and I don’t think it’s really character-driven. Jon is an incredible visionary, and in the place I’m in right now, it feels really fresh. It might be an impossible project... [laughs] We’ll see."

The blond beauty said that to become the alien character she had to abandon "these very human instincts that we have, protecting ourselves and wanting to protect one another," per the Associated Press.

On Tuesday afternoon, fans waited for hours to see Johansson at a press junket for the flick. She smiled for photos and gave out autographs after arriving via water taxi.

scarlett johansson
scarlett johansson


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