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27 September 2013

From Homeless To Entrepreneur In Just 4 Weeks

Leo (L) is well on his way to success.
Leo (L) is well on his way to success.
ONE man’s simple social experiment may just have spawned something amazing.

Patrick McConlogue offered a homeless man either $100 or the chance to learn code.

He made his choice, and it changed his life.

McConlogue introduced the concept in a blog titled: ‘Finding the unjustly homeless, and teaching them to code’.

According to Business Insider , the 23-year-old programmer from Manhattan approached Leo and gave him two choices:

1. $100 in cash;

2. A laptop, three JavaScript books, and an hour of tutelage in coding and web development each day.
Leo chose option 2. And despite all the public scepticism (Valleywag sarcastically reported on the original idea with the headline ‘Homelessness Solved’), it appears to have been a success.

Leo has been given 8 weeks to study the books and put into practice the lessons taught by McConlogue.

Here’s what Leo originally thought of coding.

“I thought coding was something that went over like, a dessert,” he told the Bsiness Insider.

Incredibly, after just four weeks of the project, Leo claims he can write 50 functions of JavaScript code, and has already begun developing an app with McConlogue.

A story that reads like the script from The Pursuit of Happyness, Leo has now been to meet with Google and has been profiled by the tech superblog Mashable.

But that’s not about to change who he is, even if his life is about to take a few exciting new turns.

“I’m learning something, right? I know I’m learning something and that’s what I care about. Patrick’s my man,” he said.


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