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13 November 2012

Drinkers in Mizoram opting for BEDC

Aizawl Nov 13 : A large number of people in the dry state of Mizoram were opting for alcohol made in neighbouring Myanmar known as BEDC resulting in several kinds of health complications, doctors said here today.

Doctors working in the state health department said that many BEDC drinkers were having stomach pain and other complications more so than those who were consuming locally-made illicit liquor.

BEDC is a reddish powder which can become a strong alcoholic drink after being mixed with water and kept for 24 hours and was reportedly distributed by the Myanmarese government to its soldiers.

The state Excise department officials seized 370 packets of BEDC in Mizoram-Myanmar border town Champhai on Friday, which would be used to make 252 litres of alcohol.

One doctor said that though proper study was yet to be conducted, there were indications that more and more tipplers resorted to drinking the smuggled alcoholic drink as the BEDC came cheap while a bottle of the cheapest rum would cost no less than Rs 500 even in Aizawl.

"The consumption of BEDC has spread to all the districts including the remotest areas in the south," doctors added.


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