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29 June 2012

Punjab Plans To Send Stray Dogs To Northeast India

Send stray dogs to Northeast states, China: MLAs propose in Assembly

 By Khushboo Sandhu

Chandigarh, Jun 29 : Punjab MLAs have come up with some unique ideas on how to get rid of the state’s stray dog population. From sending the dogs to Northeast states and even China, to formulating laws to kill them, the MLAs had a variety of suggestions to offer during the Assembly session on Thursday.

The discussions were held after a resolution was brought to the House to recommend to the state government that effective steps be taken to control stray dog population in view of the increasing number of dog bite cases.

Congress’ Ajit Inder Singh Mofar, who had mooted the resolution, said that stray dogs could be sent to Nagaland or China. “There is a need to make suitable policy and amend the law to get rid of stray dogs. The dogs can be sent to Nagaland or China, as at these places, dogs are in demand. Laws pertaining to dogs are also different in these states than ours,” Mofar said, adding that there have been many cases of dog bites in the state, with some resulting in death.

The MLAs, however, were careful enough to abstain from mentioning the purpose for which dogs should be sent to north-eastern states.

SAD’s Gurpratap Singh Wadala said that garbage dumps in rural and urban areas are one of the reasons behind the large stray dog population. “In London, New York and other developed countries, there are no stray dogs. This is because there are no garbage dumps where dogs scavenge. Slum dwellers take care of dogs as pets,” he said.

While stressing that there should be laws on dogs, SAD’s Iqbal Singh said that when there can be death penalty for humans, there could be laws to kill dogs as well.

Shiv Ram Kler of the SAD also told the Assembly that more than 15,500 people have been bitten by dogs last year. “There was a need to construct dog pounds on line of cattle pounds where strays will be kept,” he said.

Concern was also expressed over the lack of anti-rabies injections and medicines in the civil hospitals. The MLAs contended that with 10 to 15 cases of dog bites being reported every day at civil hospitals, the supply of medicines should be adequate.

Former health and family welfare minister Laxmi Kanta Chawla said that in February, she had written to Prime Minister’s Office asking for a solution to the problem. “But we never received a reply. It is the duty of the government to get stray dogs off the roads, no matter how they do it. Why are there laws to show mercy to stray dogs when all other animals are butchered?” she asked.


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