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29 June 2012

More Than Half Of Mizoram Families Own TV

Aizawl, Jun 29 : Not only that there is no homeless people in Mizoram, more than half of the families in the state own a television set and other electronic devices.

The Census 2011, which was reviewed at a workshop organised by the directorate of census operation at Aijal Club today, indicated that a whopping 55.1 per cent of the total families in Mizoram own television sets while everyone has a home to live in.

There are 221,077 households in Mizoram of which 145,538 families (65.8 per cent) live in their own houses, and 70,297 families (31.8 per cent) live in rented houses and 5,247 (2.4 per cent) live in other houses, which may include staff quarters.

Of the total 221,077 families, 203,185 have toilet facilities in within the premises of their houses, while 3,342 families (1.5 per cent) use public toilets and 14,550 families (6.6 per cent) go for open defecation. No family in urban area either use public toilet or practise open defecation, the Census revealed.

While 62.3 per cent live in good houses, 34.9 per cent live in livable houses and the remaining 2.8 per cent live in dilapidated houses. There are no homeless people.

While 58.7 per cent use tap water, 26.1 per cent still depend on water collected from rivers and other sources, including well, hand-pump, and lake.

Significantly, 72.7 per cent of households in Mizoram have telephone connectivity, with only 1.7 per cent having landline, 63.9 per cent having mobile phone and 7.2 per cent having both.

While 55.1 per cent of families have televisions, 2.5 per cent have computers with internet facilities and 12.7 per cent own computers without internet.

While 13.8 per cent families own scooters, motorcycles or mopeds, 7.3 per cent own four-wheeler vehicles.

As much as 84.2 per cent of families use electricity as the main source of lighting, 13.5 per cent use kerosene, 1.3 per cent use solar lamps, 0.6 use other source while another 0.3 per cent have no lighting facility in their houses.

While 52.5 per cent of households use LPG/PNG for cooking, 44.5 per cent still use firewood and the remaining households use other fuels, including kerosene, coal, charcoal, biogas, etc.

Of the total 221,077 families in Mizoram, 51.57 per cent are living in urban areas while 47.70 per cent live in rural areas, the Census 2011 data revealed.


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