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11 April 2011

Now THAT is How To Take A Penalty

Finnish Kid Does Gnarly Backflip After Kicking Penalty Shot

Besides Landon Donovan's game-winning goal during the World Cup this past summer, I've never creamed my sheets over a soccer clip.

And, seeing that the next World Cup is three years away, that's not going to change anytime soon.

However, Finnish U-16 player Joonas Jokinen really knows how to jazz up a penalty kick; check out how he worked some acrobatics into this PK against Swiss club FC Baar.

Understandably, the crowd goes wild after his back-flip follow-through. Well played, sir.



Anonymous said...

actually he didn't score againts FC Baar, he scored for FC Baar against FC Semprach.

I guess you didn't do enough research ;)

Anonymous said...

he looks like he'd be an annoying little prick

Anonymous said...

^After playing for a club team I've come to find that 90% of soccer players (In America at least) are annoying pricks... Not sure how that translates over to Europe though

Anonymous said...

^yup Europe's probably the same, I find that there are more pricks within the countries that treat the game as a competition rather than play it for the love of the sport.

Parker said...

Most guys that are into sports are fucking pricks.

It doesn't matter where they're from.

Anonymous said...

Parker, you're most likely a fat lazy fool who finds exercise in chronic masturbation. yes, some sportsmen are pricks. but most have the drive & ambition to be the best they can be. when it comes to football (notice it's a game that you play with your FEET, hence FOOTball!!), Europeans epitomise this the most. America is getting there, but still has much to learn. this is exemplified when the New York Post wrote a headline reading 'USA win 1-1' when they drew with England at the World Cup. HA!!

premierleague said...

oh amazing video. what a crazy kid! i came across your site via stumble! nice work keep going!

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