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11 April 2011

Is Twitter Just Full Of Journalists Following Other Journalists?

How much do journalists just follow other journalists on Twitter? This visualisation suggests one answer

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By Simon Rogers

Journalists follow journalists on Twitter 

Journalists following other journalists on Twitter. Click image to get graphic or Download the PDF

Last week we looked at how UK media groups and newspapers use Twitter - the subjects they discuss and the amount they Tweet.

The brilliant Tony Hirst on his blog Ouseful has taken that one step further - using the Tweetminster API to get lists of UK political and current affairs journalists and find out who they follow on Twitter.

Then he used a really powerful - and free - graphic design software called Gephi to visualise how they link together. What it shows is that journalists follow other journalists, mostly from their own organisation. It shows, says Tony:

Folk within individual media groups tend to follow each other more intensely than they do people from other groups, but that said, inter-group following is still high. The major players across the media tweeps as a whole seem to be @arusbridger, @r4today, @skynews, @paulwaugh and @BBCLauraK

You can click on the image above to see it - although this PDF file is easier to read. The colours represent either the media group the reporters are tweeting from or the Tweetminster list they're on.

What can you do with the data?

Download the data

DATAFILE: download the Gephi data (ZIP)


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