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08 June 2010

Assam Truckers Hesitant to Ply Through Nagaland

assam trucks Guwahati, June 8 : Private truck associations in Assam have expressed reservations in running their vehicles on National Highway 39 leading through Nagaland to Manipur, crippled by a blockade by Naga students.

"Although we sincerely want to carry essentials to the Manipur, safety concerns for out staff on trucks prevent us from plying vehicles through Nagaland," a spokesman of the association said here.

"The association has decided to refrain from plying vehicles on National Highway 39 due to the blockade by the Naga Students Federation (NSF) due to safety concerns," he said.

Meanwhile, the influential All Assam Students Union (AASU) today appealed to NSF to lift the blockade on 'humanitarian grounds' in the interest of the common people.

"We have appealed to NSF which is a part of the North East Students Organisation (NESO) to lift the blockade," AASU advisor and NESO chairman Samujjal Bhattacharya said.


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