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02 March 2021

Franklin Templeton top execs withdrew crores from the wound up fund just before they were locked to the public

Evidence from the SEBI inquiry are slowly coming into public domain and it doesnt show these executives acted in good faith.

The top executives of FT India including Sanjay Sapre, his wife Pradipta Sapre, Vivek Kudwa (Head of APAC at FT), his wife and mother, Aravind Vasudeo Sonde (Trustee at FTIL), Jayaram S Iyer (Listed director of Franklin Templeton India), Venkata Radhakrishnan (also director) all these people withdrew crores of funds from the debt funds, which were then locked for the public.

Source: (Pay wall but worth it for those entangled in this mess)

All of these people who are in the management of Franklin Templeton withdrew funds. On 23 Mar 2020, SEBI approved additional borrowing in these funds above the normal allowed limit. This was the sign of trouble in these funds, that the management of the fund would be aware of. The funds were then withdrawn by the management after 23rd March 2020.

We don't want to speculate much, but prima facie these actions seem like text book insider trading (acting on non public information). This information was obtained by SEBI inquiry, but for some reason has not been in the entirely released to public. SEBI has also rejected RTI inquiries even from affected parties. One has to wonder on whose side SEBI is acting.

Disclaimer: Affected in 2 of the wound up funds. While I believe the funds may eventually be recovered, if the management acted in bad faith, then action as per law must be taken.
This rattles public trust and belief in the entire mutual fund industry, and also the larger financial industry.

In other countries, bad actors have been prosecuted even if they held very high positions, as and when evidence of their misconduct has come to light.




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