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10 September 2015

Mizoram Govt Directs Women Employees to Wear Traditional Clothes

Mizoram Govt Directs Women Employees to Wear Traditional Clothes
Mizo dance form Chailam. (Photo: Mizoram Tourism)
Based on a decision made in the Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl’s (MHIP) 20th General Assembly, the Mizoram government has sent a notice to its female employees to wear the traditional dress Puan, at least twice in a week.
Government circular. (Photo: The Quint)
Government circular. (Photo: The Quint)
MHIP is a voluntary organisation run engaged in social welfare work.
Mizo traditional bamboo dance. (Photo: Mizoram Tourism)
Mizo traditional bamboo dance. (Photo: Mizoram Tourism)
The move came as an effort to revive the traditional Mizo attire of a wrap around skirt, according to the notice.

Puan – Mizoram’s traditional attires – are a colorful set of clothes.
The men, however, do not have to follow any such rule.
According to the MHIP website, there are five kinds of Puan:
Puanchei: a wrap around skirt.

Kawrechi: the blouse generally made of cotton.

Ngotekherh: a wrap around originally meant for men but now worn by men and women alike.
Hmar am : A small hand woven cloth of hand-spun cotton and indigo dye.
Cyhna Hno: An embroidered silk cloth of the native inhabitants of Mizoram, Mara’s.



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