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18 June 2015

No Bru Turns Up For Verification For 3rd Consecutive Day

title=Aizawl, Jun 18 : As on the first and second day, not a single Bru appeared for the third consecutive day on Wednesday before the Mizoram officials at the Khakchangpara relief camp in North Tripura district for identification.

Mamit district deputy commissioner Vanlalngaihsaka told PTI over phone that the makeshift verification office was closed by the officials at 3 pm after no one appeared for identification as bona fide resident of Mizoram.

Vanlalngaihsaka said that despite this, the process would continue as scheduled till Thursday, the last date set for identification in the Khakchangpara relief camp.

Earlier, the proposed repatriation of Brus from Kaskau relief camp, scheduled to be taken up between June 8 to 12, could not be undertaken as no one came forward for identification during June 2 to 4.

Following instructions from the Supreme Court to repatriate all Brus from the six relief camps in North Tripura district within six months, the Union Government and the state government began the exercise of resumption of repatriation.

Mizoram government prepared Road Map - IV for Bru repatriation commencing from June 1 which will be continued till September 4.


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