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18 May 2015

CNCI Decries Proposed Chakma Census by YMA

Aizawl, May 18 :  Chakma National Council of India has reiterated its strong opposition to Mizoram's largest NGO Young Mizo Association's plan to conduct a census on Chakmas in Mizoram.

''To single out the Chakmas as a community for subject to census without genuine ground and that also by a non-state entity is but a humiliation and assault to their dignity as human being,'' Mizoram committee of CNCI said in a statement yesterday.

Chakmas are equal citizens of Mizoram and they deserve equal treatment in all respects from the state government, it said.

The CNCI viewed that it is quite normal for a duty bound citizen to get alarmed by any events/incidents of abnormal nature. ''However, it does not legitimise someone or for that matter any non-state entity to take the law into their hand. What the rule book warrants is to approach the concerned legitimate authority and urge them to address the issue.''

The CNCI demanded the Mizoram government come up with a clear stand on the resolve made by CYMA to go ahead with their 'illegitimate' exercise to conduct census on the Chakmas who are also equal citizens of Mizoram and whether Mizoram government is not duty bound to enforce the rule of law.

Time and again the Chakma issue has reared its ugly head and yet there has been a conspicuous lack of action and policy to resolve the issue once and for all on the parts of the government, the CNCI stated. The Chakma body observed that this has resulted in mistrust between Mizo and Chakma communities which is not healthy for the overall development of the state.

Refuting Mizo NGOs allegations of ''abnormal growth'' of Chakma population in Mizoram, the CNCI referred to an information booklet published by the state directorate of economics and statistics titled Mizoram at a Glance 2001 in which the growth of Chakma population normal compared to that of other tribes in Mizoram. According to this booklet, the Chakma population in Mizoram was 71,283 in the 2001 Census figure, against the NGOs claim of 1,50,000 people.

Despite such strong evidence against the perceived notion of Chakmas growing abnormally, if the CYMA set on to continue with its resolve to conduct census on the Chakmas it will be but very unfortunate on the part of such a highly regarded NGO of the country which has been known for their service towards the society, the CNCI said.


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