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04 February 2015

More Than 15,000 Women Raped in Assam in Past 10 Years

By Hemanta Kumar Nath

Guwahati, Feb 4 : Not only Amrita, more than 15,000 women in Assam were raped in past ten years.

Crime against women are on rise in Assam as more than 15,000 women and girls were raped in the state in past ten years.

According to Assam police reports , a total of 15,206 rape cases were registered in different police stations in the state from 2005 to August 2014.

The reports revealed that, rape cases were increased every year in the north eastern Indian state.

After Delhi rape case, the SC had ordered stern action against the culprits but Assam witnessed a shocking reports of risen crimes against women.

The reports revealed that, a total of 1217 rape cases were registered in 2005, while 1203 in 2006, 1310 in 2007, 1419 in 2008, 1269 in 2009, 1721 in 2010, 2011 in 2011, 1716 in 2012, 1937 in 2013 and 1403 cases registered up to August 2014.

"Different laws in place to stop the crimes, but crimes have risen year by year. Now question arise as are women in Assam safe, " Monty Mamu Kashyap, a social worker based in Guwahati said.

Not only rape, more than 23,000 women and girls were kidnapped in the state during period.

According to the Assam police reports, during the period a total of 23,829 women and girls were kidnapped and 15,325 women were molested in the state.

The report revealed that, a total of 1456 kidnapping cases of women and girls were registered in the year 2005, while 1310 in 2006, 1471 in 2007, 1613 in 2008, 1906 in 2009, 2486 in 2010, 2998 in 2011, 3360 in 2012, 4222 in 2013 and 3007 cases up to August 2014.

Recently a women journalist was allegedly physically assaulted by two police officials inside the police station in Guwahati.

Several rape victims are still waiting for justice.


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