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23 January 2015

New Land Act: Cautious Mizoram looks to Nagaland, decides to consult constitutional expert, before implementing, Jan 22 : As controversy hits the NDA government’s modification to the new land acquisition act through an ordinance, a cautious Mizoram government has set up a committee to look into whether the new law is even applicable for the state to implement given the autonomy granted to it by the Indian Constitution.

The committee met for the first time on Thursday to examine whether The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013 passes the autonomy granted to the state by article 371(G) of the Constitution.

“No Act of President,” the article states, “in respect of….ownership and transfer of land, shall apply to the State of Mizoram unless the Legislative Assembly of the State of Mizoram by a resolution so decides.”

At Thursday’s meeting, Revenue Minister R Romawia said the government needs to “carefully examine the law and see whether this or something else may be considered for the state.”

The committee decided that as a first step it will examine how Nagaland, which is also granted considerable autonomy over land and its resources by the Constitution, deals with the new law.

It also decided that a constitutional expert should be consulted before the government starts considering the matter.


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