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19 November 2014

Mizoram Govt Depts Keeps Rs 535.23 Cr in Civil Deposit: Finance minister

Aizawl, Nov 19 : Mizoram government's 23 departments kept Rs 535.23 crore in civil deposit due to different reasons, state finance minister Lalsawta informed the Assembly today.

Replying to a query from Vanlalzawma of the opposition Mizo National Front (MNF), Lalsawta said that government departments were compelled to keep fund in the Civil Deposit, known in the Mizoram government employees' term as 'K-Deposit' mainly due to works yet to be done or completed after release of the fund earmarked for the works.

"It is against the provisions of the General Financial Rules for departments to keep huge cash," he said, adding that such money has to be kept in the K-Deposit and Advances under the Public Account without interests.

Lalsawta, in a written reply to a question from Lalruatkima of the MNF said that the state government availed Ways and Means for 57 times and Special Ways and Means for 61 times during 2012-2013 to 2014-2015.

He said that the government availed ways and means advance for 30 times and special ways and means advance for 20 times during the current fiscal.


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