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04 September 2014

UNC Press Release: September 3rd, 2014

         Dated Tahamzam, 3rd September, 2014

The ban on all vehicular traffic on National Highways and State Highways and ban on all construction works on National Projects in Naga areas to be enforced with effect from 6.00 AM of 4th September, 2014 has been called because the sentiments of the Nagas have been demonstrated in measures beyond which it will become redundant.

Under the communal Government of Manipur(GoM) our voices and sentiments do not count. Our lives are not safe. Our democratic rights do not exist. In the Imphal  valley, the domain of the GoM, mainland Indians are being butchered and maimed in manners that are done to the most bitter of enemies. While in the hill areas of the tribals, where peace prevails, the GoM sends their Police forces to kill and brutalise the people they were purportedly sent to protect. The magnitude of social divide on communal lines in Manipur can only be addressed with a political solution.

Through this release we solicit free will donations towards the families of the martyrs Mayopam Ramror and Ramkashing Vashi and for those who were brutalised at Ukhrul on 30th August, 2014. The same may be submitted to the Treasurer, United Naga Council for onwards submission.

We appeal to the general public, transporters and truck owners to extend their co-operation and solidarity for the protest against the insult on our people and the mockery of democracy where the voice of the people have been responded with bullets and force.

All Nagas are volunteers and it is the moral responsibility of every Naga to uphold the peoples’ movement.  The Tribe Councils and Regional Organisations will co-ordinate and monitor the bans in the respective jurisdiction.

The people are informed to be vigilant against any measures that may be deployed by the communal GoM to suppress the people’s movement.

Any individuals violating this stricture of the people will be doing so at their own risks.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council


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