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22 September 2014

A Special Gift With Love From Mizoram

By Bindu Shajan Perappadan
The female gibbon in Delhi zoo. Photo: Sandeep Saxena
The female gibbon in Delhi zoo. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

Hoolock gibbon, highly endangered species, is listed in wildlife protection act.

The Delhi zoo has a new addition which has come here all the way from Mizoram. Currently under quarantine, the 6-8-year-old female hoolock gibbon is a highly endangered species and is listed on Schedule 1 of the Indian (Wildlife) Protection Act, 1972.
“She is getting used to the climate and change of diet at the Delhi zoo and will be introduced to the two other hoolock gibbons (a male and female) on display by the end of this month,” said zoo veterinary Dr. Paneer Selvam said.
The animal has been brought in as part of the zoo’s breeding programme and is from the wild. “This gibbon was in the Mizoram zoo for over four years and was transported to Kolkata by road and then brought here by air. The animal, which weighs about 12-15 kg and has an average life span of 30-35 years has been brought in for our breeding programme. The female that we currently have is very old and we hope that this female will be able to thrive in this Zoo,” added Dr. Selvam.
The animal is currently coping with a change in diet and “is getting used to a new variety of fruits and other supplements being provided to her”.
“We are giving her bananas, apples and other fruits along with egg, bread and milk which are new to her. She is slowly adapting to the change and is currently doing well,” said Dr. Selvam.
Meanwhile, the zoo has suspended two animal keepers after a badly-decomposed carcass of a stump-tailed macaque was found in its enclosure. The animal whose body was found unfit for post mortem had died in the last week of August, according to zoo officials.


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