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26 August 2014

Manipur Activists On House-To-House Search For 'Foreigners'

Imphal, Aug 26 : he demand for the reintroduction of the Inner Line Permit system in Manipur took a new turn on Monday with several activists conducting house-to-house searches. They were checking the identification papers of migrant workers staying in rented rooms. All these days the activists were handing over migrant workers without identification papers to police. However, from Monday the activists are asking such workers to leave Manipur.

Police sources said that there will be police intervention since many of such workers are genuine Indians. However, the activists point out that in the absence of valid identification papers the workers may be foreigners who had sneaked in through West Bengal and Tripura.

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh has been saying that while the government will extend assistance in detecting the foreigners, police would not remain a silent spectator when genuine Indians are harassed.

Activists of Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System are joining hands with women vigilantes and members of local youths' clubs in conducting the house-to-house searches.

In the recent past, some of the workers were found to be possessing fake voter cards. Many others did not have any identification papers.

The activists said that some government officials, village chieftains and panchayat representatives who had been issuing domicile certificates to a few outsiders, have been asked to stop such practices.
Markets for women, locals

The women's wing of the Joint Committee has vowed to preserve the exclusive character of all-women markets in Manipur which are known all over the world.

Nganbi Lourembam, the convener of the women's wing, told reporters on Monday that of late migrant workers have intruded the markets. She said non-locals should not sell wares in these markets. She further said that male migrant workers should stop coming to the markets to sell items.

She was talking to reporters during raids on some areas in the Imphal town on Monday. Reports suggested that new migrants in the town were taking shelter in various places of the town. If the persons do not possess valid identification papers like the voter card, they should go back.

She said that the raids are being conducted after prior announcement. Police stayed at a safe distance. She said the raids would continue in other parts of the State.

Meanwhile, there are reports of sit-in protests in some places demanding the reintroduction of the ILP in Manipur.


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