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10 July 2014

CAG Report Slams Mizoram's Home and Social Welfare departments

Aizawl, Jul 10 : Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has slammed Mizoram's Home and Social Welfare departments for parking crores of rupees under civil deposits for months.

The CAG report, tabled in the state legislature today, said that the Home department parked Rs 36.51 crore in civil deposits and retained Rs 13.04 crore in cash.

The report also said that the state Social Welfare department drew Rs 37.21 crore from the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Schemes and parked the same in civil deposits for periods ranging between two and eleven months.

Funds parked in the civil deposits by the home department included earmarked funds under the Modernisation of Police force and Rehabilitation of repatriated Brus, the report said adding that parking funds in civil deposits were done to avoid lapse of budget grants.

Drawing of funds without any requirement for immediate disbursement and retention of the same in civil deposits was irregular and bound to have an adverse effect on the implementation of the scheme, the report said.

Retention of large amount of cash was fraught with the high risk of misappropriation, the report said.

The CAG report also pointed out that under the ICDS scheme implemented by the state Social Welfare department, there was moderate disruption in feeding days in the Anganwadi centres ranging between 15 and 192 days during 2011-12.

"The department failed to distribute most of the items purchased during 2012-13 which resulted in severe disruption in feeding days in the Anaganwadi centres," the report added.


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