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04 June 2014

PRISM Slams Govt For Spending Rs 288 Lakh For Purchasing Cars

Aizawl, Jun 4 : Aizawl-based corruption watchdog People's Rights to Information and Development Society of Mizoram (PRISM) slammed the Mizoram government for spending Rs 288 lakh on purchase of cars for legislators.

PRISM, in a press statement said that 36 out of 40 legislators were already given Rs eight lakh each for purchase of private cars since the new assembly was constituted in December last year.

"Out of the 40 legislators only ten of them were not allotted any vehicle by the state government and they were the only ones who required cars," the statement said.

It accused the government of not enforcing austerity measures despite acute financial crunch being faced by the state.

"Twelve ministers, speaker, deputy speaker and seven parliamentary secretaries were already allotted government cars, that also more than one car each," it said, adding that fifteen legislators were also allotted official vehicles due to their positions like chairmen of corporate bodies and others.

If only ten legislators, not allotted official vehicles were given money to purchase cars, the government would spend only Rs 80 lakh, the statement added.


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