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24 June 2014

Performing Stunts is Not All About Passions

By M. Srinivas
Youngstes from Manipur performing at a thehme park near Vijayawada. - PHOTOs: V. RAJU
Youngstes from Manipur performing at a thehme park near Vijayawada. - PHOTOs: V. RAJU

16-member team from Manipur perform to help recoup their families from financial woes They perform with rings and ropes in parks. Their feats with fire and wheel amuse all. But, their daredevilry is not only for drawing applause from audience, but also it is the only mean to earn their livelihood.

Sixteen members of a team from Manipur perform 15 varieties of stunts and acrobatics at a theme park in the city to amuse visitors. “I like stunts. But, performing here is not a choice but a compulsion. I stopped pursuing higher education owing to financial problems in the family. But, no regrets! At least, I am now able to support my 65-year-old ailing father (who is recovering from a leg injury),” he said. “Sometimes, we feel bad as we miss our friends and relatives at our home town. But, we do not have any other option,” he adds.
Like Mr. Kennedy, 15 other youngsters, including eight girls from Manipur, came to the city and perform stunts and acrobatics to help their families. “After my three bothers separated from the family, it became difficult to cope with the increasing financial woes. I decided to migrate from home town to earn more and that is why I am here,” explains Mr. Kennedy, who completed Intermediate education. He is now managing to send Rs.10,000 per month to his parents out of the Rs.15,000 he gets as salary.
For the past three years, the team has been performing different stunts like ring and rope jump, fire and wheel acts, ring dance and etc. The show lasts for an hour with various stunts of five minute duration each. “The show is an added attraction for the visitors,” says M. Joel Sanjay, who coordinates the show.


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