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23 June 2014

‘Mizoram Belongs To The Mizos Only’

Aizawl, Jun 23 : The Mizoram government has beefed up security with four days left for Mizo students to enter the Chakma dominated area of Borapansury in Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) in Mizoram to construct a rest house there, much to the opposition of the Chakma tribe.

MZP to build structure in Chakma area in Mizoram.

Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), the largest students' body in Mizoram, is determined to construct a rest house, called Zofate in the local dialect, at Borapansury in CADC from June 25, in order to send a strong message to the Chakma community in Mizoram that the latter community is not an indigenous tribe of the State.

The MZP said the rapid growth of Chakma population in Mizoram is a threat to the existence of indigenous Mizos.

Amid this volatile situation, the Zoram National Party (ZNP) said in the event of violence breaking out between the Chakmas and the Mizos during the construction of the Zofate, the Chakmas should be held responsible.

Earlier, the Mizoram Chakma Development Forum (MCDF) accused MZP of grabbing the land of the Chakmas. The MCDF also accused the ZNP of manufacturing concocted stories on Chakma population in Mizoram.

"As per the record of first Mizoram general census, the population of Chakmas in Mizoram was a mere 198. But astonishingly, the population at present time has incredibly risen to somewhere about 1,50,000 which is virtually abnormal growth,” MZP president Lalhmachhuana said, adding that the students' body is soon likely to inform the Prime Minister about the abnormal growth of Chakma population in Mizoram.

Lalhmachhuana also said that the students' body is "disappointed with the Chakmas who have become arrogant to the indigenous Mizos.” “To mark and demonstrate that Mizoram is the land discovered by our forefathers at the cost of their lives, we are going to proceed with the construction of Zofate Chawlhbuk at Borapansury from June 25, 2014 and we believe this construction will instill the feeling of nationalism and patriotism among Mizos,” Lalhmachhuana said.

MZP said it is strongly discontented with the Chakmas and regretted problems and troubles faced by the Mizos "due to the arrogant and hostile activities of the Chakmas." "As an example of opposition to the ingratitude and misbehaviour on the part of Chakma people and to tell the world that Mizoram belongs to the Mizos only, the students' body would construct the Rest House at the proposed site within CADC, the MZP president affirmed.

The MZP president then said that the initiative has been taken for the construction of Zofate Chawlhbuk at Boraoansury in 2012 after a settlement was concluded with the State Government. With its approval and permission, an area of 2500 sq.mts owned by the Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumers Affairs was earmarked for the construction of Zofate Chawlhbuk and on May 2, 2014 measurement was taken at the site. Subsequently, the State Government issued construction order on June 11, 2014, the MZP president said.


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