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11 March 2014

Shillong most favoured tourist destination in the north-east

Shillong, Mar 11 :
Meghalaya, known as the Scotland of the east, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northeast. And Shillong, the state capital, attracts a large number of visitors.
If you believe there’s no nightlife in the northeast! Think again! Shillong comes alive in the late evening with the opening of roadside eateries, discos, theaters and shopping malls.

“Earlier there were few hotels, clubs and restaurants because people were scared to do business, but things have changed now. Shops and hotels are open till late night,” said Siddarth Das, a hotel official. “The situation is very good in Shillong. One can find activities going on till late in the night. Shops, hotels, and restaurants are open till late night, and there is 24 hours taxi or cab available in the city,” said Bishnu, a petrol pump manager.

With the increase of tourists in the city, new hotels and business establishments have set up shops. There are seventeen recognized tourist spots in the city and the state government is planning to open a few more. “Some years back people were scared of going out in the night, so we did not find any tourist or local coming out after 5-6 pm, but now the situation is quite different, people can roam around peacefully and they can get taxis anywhere, even at late night,” added Roshan Lyngdoh, a cab driver.

Meghalaya is a state of great scenic and natural beauty. Undulating rivers, waterfalls, sparkling mountain ranges and streams all add up to the charm of the place. Favourable climate and natural scenic beauty preserved in its pristine state attracts visitors from all over the world.

Shillong also boasts of fascinating waterfalls in and around the city, a beautiful lake with boating facilities, over a dozen scenic picnic spots including a sprawling golf course.


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