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28 March 2014

Non-development of northeast forcing people to migrate to other cities in India

By Bolla Alekhya

Yet another attack on people from north-east in the Capital, where a couple from northeast state of Manipur were beaten up allegedly by their landlord's son and his associates. This is not the only incident of violence against northeast people, if we just look at this year's record, there are already three other incidents where they were thrashed. The incidents were Nido Taniam murder case, molestation of a girl from Manipur and assault on a student from Manipur.

Why do people North-East India are continuously discriminated in the national capital that should be ideally the safest place for anyone to live.

Northeast is an area which has a huge scope of development, but still severely lagging behind the rest of the country. Because of that people from various states in north east migrate to other metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore for better opportunities. But then they have to face discrimination. Is it only because northeastern people have different facial appearance from rest the country?

Professor Mohammad Shafiq from Jamia Millia Islamia while talking about the state of economic development in the northeastern states said that there was a huge scope of development.

“In northeastern states there is poor roadways development and no railways linkage. If we go into the analysis, then two-third production of hydro electricity in India is with Northeast. The low currents in Bramhaputra are very much suitable for production of hydro electricity in India. But in spite of this Government of India fails to invest any capital into these regions, which hampers their economic development.”

Because of this kind of negligence by the government the people from these states feels deprived and some of them even want to join China, but the question is what the majority feels?

We spoke to Brigadier Arun Bajpai, an ex-Indian Army official, and he explained us about the problems which India might face if China occupies Arunachal Pradesh.

“China is claiming that 90,000 sq km in Arunachal Pradesh, as its own, which is not true. They basically want to trade Arunachal Pradesh with Aksai Chin (administered by the China), which is a very important gateway for China as it connects China to other parts of the world. And moreover the range of Himalayas with 62 passages are also important for them. Till the time these things are with India they can't do anything. But once they get Arunachal Pradesh then they will roll down on us,” said Bajpai .

The Northeastern people are also Indian citizens, and many of the army personals from these states are serving the nation. 72% peoples voted during election, this is the only thing which proves that they love India like citizen from rest of the country loves nation, and will always be happy to be a part of India.


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