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20 February 2014

Mizoram cops arrest militants in Manipur

Imphal, Feb 20 : Mizoram police and IRB from Mizoram have entered neighbouring Manipur and arrested five cadres of Hmar Peoples Convention-Democratic (HPC-D) in the wee hours today, according to UPF.

HPC-D is one of the outfits under the umbrella organisation of United People's Front (UPF) which is engaged in the Suspension of Operation (SoO) term with the Government of India and Manipur Government.

UPF leader Robinson informed Newmai News Network tonight that a combined team of Mizoram police and IRB numbering around 100 personnel entered the territory of Manipur around 1 am of Wednesday and conducted operation at a village called Parvachawm in Churachandpur district bordering Mizoram.

In the course of operation, five cadres of HPC-D were arrested by the Mizoram security force personnel.

The United People's Front (UPF), one of the two umbrella organisations of Kuki militant outfits in Manipur, condemns the conduct of the Mizoram police for arresting its cadres at Parvachawm, Manipur today.

UPF information secretary Robinson said the Government of Mizoram ought to respect and acknowledge that the UPF is in Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the Government of India and the Government of Manipur, the Government of Mizoram also ought to honour the terms and conditions of the SoO as it is ushering the UPF into the peace process.

The act is a serious violation of the tripartite agreement.

"The un-invited highhandedness of the Government of Mizoram can derailed the hard earned peace in its neighbouring state.

It is merely inviting trouble to itself.

The government of Mizoram should concentrate and maintain peace in their own jurisdiction not in other's state," Robinson stated.

"The concern officer who had granted permission to operate in the state of Manipur is dishonouring the tripartite agreement where in the govt. of India, the govt. of Manipur and the UPF are party to the pact.

In future the government of Mizoram is to honour and respect the agreement," Robinson further said.

Newmai News Network


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