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10 February 2014

Mizo Farmers Slam Govt

Aizawl, Feb 10 : All Mizoram Farmer's Union (AMFU), one of the largest non-governmental agrarian organizations in Mizoram that looks after the well-being of agriculturists and manual labourers in the state, slammed the Lal Thanhawla government for violation of settlement made over charge of royalty on broom selling and asked to apologize for not being honest.

AMFU had alleged Environment and Forest department of violating the settlement made between AMFU general headquarter and E & F department on September 30, 2013 over royalty.

In the agreement made in the presence of Col.ZS Zuala, parliamentary secretary incharge of E &F department both parties had agreed that only Re.1 royalty would be charged on every 1 kg of commercial broom harvested from a land which covers individual land with VC/ Lsc patta and from a land which are being in used under New Land Use Policy (NLUP) trade.

While royalty to the extent of Rs.7 per kg would be imposed on those brooms not covered by NLUP trade and are harvested from reserved forest.

However, in some areas it is learnt that the government in violation of the agreement has charged Rs.7 per kg royalty on commercial brooms either under NLUP scheme or from reserved forest.

While the farmers and broom growers are expected to live in contend based on the AMFU and E & F department, it is very regretful that the government on its part violated the agreement by charging an exorbitant royalty rate on broom which in turn siphoned away the profit to enjoy by the growers from their sale, AMFU said in its statement.

Revoking the agreement made on September 30, 2013 at PCCF Conference Hall, AMFU demanded E & F department to return all the sum of royalty charged beyond the limit advocated in the agreement.

It further appealed all the broom growers in different parts of the state not to pay royalty charge to government beyond the approved rate.

AMFU general headquarters in a statement also appealed the E & F department to make an apology before February 15 for violation of agreement.


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