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13 November 2013

Mizo Singers Drums Up Election Buzz

Aizawl, Nov 13 : In a state where musicians hold more sway than politicians, singers are calling upon citizens to turn up to exercise their franchise. The singers delivered key messages aiming at increasing awareness on the election and encouraging people to vote for the new assembly.

Top singers of the state including Zoramchhani, Lalropuii Pachuau and R Lalhmangaihzuali (all women) are urging the people of Mizoram to cast their votes in the state assembly election scheduled for November 25.

"It's not only an opportunity to make our voices hard but also our duty as citizens to exercise our right to choose for the sake of democracy," said Zoramchhani, a well-known gospel singer of the state and the winner of Youth Icon, first Mizoram's reality singing competition.

Zoramchhani has been propagating the theme of "strengthening voices for democracy", which, according to her, aims at raising the role of public opinion in shaping the future. "Citizens have to think about how they can use their voice to not only take control of their destiny, but also to translate their desires and the desires of others into a better future for all," she said.

Other local music-makers like Lalropuii Pachuau and R Lalhmangaihzuali too have been encouraging people to vote in the upcoming state assembly election.

Pachuau even appealed to the younger generation of voters not to fall prey to vote bribery. Saying that she would exercise her right to vote in the election, she appealed to the youth of Mizoram not to sell their votes for bribes nor let their decision be affected by the petty promises made by politicians.

"It might seem like a simple task - one just has to push a button to vote. But, we all must be aware that with each push of the button, the fate of our state's future takes shape," Pachuau said.

However, young voters in the state seem to be losing faith in the electoral system, mainly because politicians ignore the people through out their tenure only to knock on their doors on eve of elections and make vague promises.

Puitei, a young housewife from Tuikual locality in Aizawl, said that Election Day would be just a plain holiday as she didn't intend to exercise her franchise. "I'm sick and tired of the false promises made by politicians; nothing will change whether or not I vote," she said.


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