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08 October 2013

Aizawl Thunders Set To Storm Myanmar

Aizawl, Oct 8
: The Aizawl Thunders, India's first Bullet club, is scheduled to hold a "once-in-a-lifetime experience" ride to Myanmar. As hosts of the 5th edition of the North East Riders' Meet (NERM), the Thunders plan to lead a ride from Zotlang in Champhai district in Mizoram to Tahan in Myanmar in an event from October 21 to 26, 2013, in which over 300 bikers are expected to take part.

"There can't be a better proposition for any adventurer than to ride a majestic Bullet meandering through one of the most beautiful but little-known mountain paths of the world," said Lalrinchhana Tochhawng, the chief of the Aizawl Thunders.

Popularly known as Rcho among his peers, Tochhawng said the ride would start from Zotlang, cross the Mizoram-Myanmar border river of Tiau - better known as the Indo-Mynamar border trade outpost - and enter the hermit country.

"I'm sure it will give many of us a chance to see our next door neighbour and extend a hand of friendship," Rcho said.

The Aizawl Thunders is leaving no stone unturned to make the meet a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their fellow riders.

They have almost completed their project to build a 'real' life traditional Mizo village for the bikers' rendezvous in Zotlang, known for its scenic beauty, on the outskirts of Champhai.

The participants will be put up in the traditional bamboo huts where they would be treated to exotic Mizo cuisine and cultural programmes.

"We want to make it the most memorable of NERM meets and want to give our friends our best," said Rcho.

"We'll have cultural dances, besides the best of music, food and to cap it all a with novelty ride to a foreign land," he said.

The venue for the meet is set to be done up in a manner to make the participants feel like a traditional Mizo village.

There will be dances, a peep into the Mizo way of life, food and beverages, to stir one's taste buds, games with attractive prizes, music from top Mizo bands and a never-before-experienced ride to Myanmar.

'Come home to where it all started' is the warm welcome the Aizawl Thunders want to extend to all Bullet clubs and Enfield lovers across the country.

Aizawl Thunders are well known across the state for their grand rallies and numerous charity rides to support various organizations and issues such as "Clean Mizoram', "Forest Fire Prevention', 'AIDS Awareness" etc.

James Lalhmingliana who at 70 is the oldest member of the club has been a Bullet lover ever since he can remember - is a founder member of the Thunders.

The Aizawl thunders also proudly claims to have a female member, Rosalyn Lianhmingthangi, a school teacher who is actively involved in the club.


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