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01 October 2013

After 16 yrs, over 80 Bru families return to Mizoram from Tripura relief camps


Kanhnum (Mizoram), Naisingpara (Tripura), Oct 1 :

Over 80 Bru families, who fled Mizoram 16 years ago due to ethnic conflict with the Mizos, returned to their home-state of Mizoram on Monday afternoon.

Families from Asapara and Naisingpara relief camps in Tripura's Kanchapur district made their way in jeeps and trucks, to Kanhmun and Zomuantlang —Mizo towns on the inter-state boundary.

120 displaced families to return to Mizoram

A scuffle between a man who was set to return and some who did not wish to at the Asapara camp on Sunday night worried officials who feared a repeat of the previous year's repatriation process, when only seven of the 500 families made it back. However, Elvis Chorkhy, the chairman of the Bru Coordination Committee in Mizoram, termed Monday's repatriation a "relative success".

Chorky, along with other Bru leaders and Mizoram officials welcomed the families at Kanhmun, while MBDPF leaders such as A Sawibunga and Laldawngliana, assisted Tripura officials in recording the number of families who were leaving the Tripura relief camps.

To give its infants 'their due', Mizoram attempts to change burial practices

At 1 pm, the numbers were still being recorded and technical difficulties were being sorted at the Naisingpara camp. Sawibunga said the main problem was that some families had registered their names wrong with regard to their refugee ration card numbers, while some had registered without the informing the respective heads of their families.

Monday's process was slated to repatriate 121 Bru families to 15 villages inside Mizoram. At the time of filing this report, Zawlnuam BDO Lalnundika Tochhawng said the number of repatriated families at the entry points were more than 80 and that more were on their way. Close to 5,000 Bru families are estimated to still be in Tripura relief camps, while around 1,100 have been repatriated.


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