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23 September 2013

New Organisation 'Zoramthar Duhtute' Formed in Mizoram

Aizawl, Sep 23 : A new organisation called 'Zoramthar Duhtute' or an organisation for the Mizoram was formed today which vowed to bring a change in the political system and government in Mizoram.

S L Sailova, a retired Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer and an anti-corruption activist today announced the formation of the 'Zoramthar Duhtute' in a press conference here. Sailova, chairman of the new organisation, said that they would not only make efforts to reform the political system and bring about change, the 'Zoramthar Duhtute' would field candidates in the coming state assembly polls scheduled to be held by the end of November. "We would contest at least five seats in the 40-member state legislature," he said.

The former IAS officer said that all the previous governments in the state were party-based regimes and never fulfilled the aspirations of the people by bringing change and economic prosperity.

"We would make efforts to ensure that a true government of the people, not a government formed by the political party is elected in the coming polls," he said. Leaders of the organisation included a number of young technocrats and social activists.


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