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18 September 2013

G Parthasarathy's role in historic Mizo Accord Remembered

Aizawl, Sep 18 : The crucial role played by former diplomat G Parthasarathy in the signing of the Mizoram Accord over 26 years ago which ended insurgency in the north-east state was today recalled here.

Speakers paid glowing tributes to Parthasarathy, fondly called GP, for his efforts to persuade the then Mizo National Front (MNF) leader Laldenga to shun the path of violence and join the mainstream.

"The accord concluded in 1986 has stuck till now. Mizoram is now the quietest state in north-east and I think it is a very appreciative achievement. It was done in cooperation with the Mizo leadership and most important was how GP managed to win their confidence," Ashok Parthasarathy, son of G Parthasarathy said at an event organised as part of centenary celebrations of the late diplomat.

Former Home Secretary, G K Pillai, who as Joint Secretary (Home Ministry, Mizoram) was a witness to the Accord between the MNF and the Government of India signed on June 30, 1986, said the real contribution of GP was that he developed trust with Laldenga.

Former Director General of BSF E Ram Mohan alleged that bureaucrats and "negligence" on part of the government were the reasons behind the rising insurgency.

"The bureaucratic interference started after 1975. Bureaucrats did what they wanted, so the onus of insurgency in Assam was entirely on bureaucracy of Assam starting from chief secretary to the junior officers. They should have realised that this could be serious," said Mohan, who was also a key adviser to GP in the Accord.

GP, the then Foreign Policy adviser to central government, managed a talk to Laldenga who went to MNF camps and came back to Delhi for dialogue, he said.

Under the deal aimed at restoring peace and normalcy in Mizoram, underground MNF members surrendered with their arms, ammunitions and equipment.

MNF was to conform to the provision of law. The central government was to settle and rehabilitate them after a scheme was proposed by the Mizoram government.

"The accord weakened the insurgency to a great extent. GP Parthasarathy was associated with it till the last," said Pillai.


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