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03 September 2013

Delhi Police Meet Northeast Delegates

Itanagar, Sep 3 : The Delhi Police conducted an interactive meeting with students, employees, and NGOs of the northeast at Arunachal House, Delhi on Sunday. They also invited Gorkhas representatives to the meeting.

Delegations from Gurgaon and Noida submitted representations to the secretary of Northeast MP Forum, Takam Sanjoy, a source said here on Monday.

They requested the Lok Sabha member to take up the matter with the Centre, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana governments to replicate model security initiatives for the northeast people.

The initiatives include appointment of a chief coordinator, a standing order procedure based on zero tolerance for any discrimination against NE people based on colour, creed and language, appointment and training of representatives from different states of the region, who would be able to assist NE citizens in distress and respond effectively to any grievance of NE people in Delhi and regular meetings with students leaders, representatives, church leaders and NGOs from the region.

Sanjoy said the forum is aware of the problems that NE youths face in metro cities like Delhi. He added that he will take up the matter with the concerned authorities.

He also informed that the Forum is aware of the problems faced by the NE youths at metropolitan cities especially at Delhi. Sanjoy expressed happiness that the initiatives of the Delhi Police for organizing regular meetings for the security of NE people at Delhi.


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