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24 August 2013

Gangtes Create World Record in Bible Reading


Gangte tribe of Manipur has created World Record for ‘Biggest Mass Bible Reading’. This was approved by Records bodies such as Limca Book of Records, Asia Book of Records & India Book of Records, Gangte Christian Gospel Centenary Committee Manipur said Friday.

A record number of 7047 participants took part in mass bible reading as part of the Gangte Gospel Centenary celebration which was held on December 16 last year at Chiengkonpang in Manipur’s Churachandpur district.

Braving the cold wintry breeze, the participants had read the whole book of Romans (standing) from chapter 1-16, starting at 1.27 p.m. and concluded at 2.53 p.m., taking a duration of 1.27 hours.

The mass bible reading, which was witnessed by ADC Churachandpur, Maniram Sharma (IAS) and SP L. Mangkhogin Haokip (IPS).

The event was organized with an aim to involve all participants, taking part in the Centenary celebration.

“The main aim of the mass bible reading was to spread the Gospel throughout the Seven Seas,” said Rev. K Mawia at a press conference Friday.

L.S Gangte, chairman of Gangte Christian Gospel Centenary Committee, Manipur said “The achievement is significant not only for the Gangte community, but also for the whole state of Manipur.”

“It is a moment of joy and happiness for us all as the records has been achieved in the soil of Manipur”, he added.

Gangte, belonging to larger Chin-Kuki-Mizo fold is one of the indigenous tribes of Manipur who trace their origin to Khul. History has it that the Gangtes came to Manipur in 16th century from Burma.

Gangtes are settled at various parts of Manipur, mainly concentrating in Churachandpur district with a population of about 20,000. There are altogether 54 Gangte villages in the state, spreading in all districts of Manipur.

The Gangtes also settled in sister north-eastern states such as Mizoram, Assam, Nagaland, Tripura and Meghalaya, the chairman claimed.

Christianity came to Gangte Biel (Region) in 1912. The Gospel first set its foot at Saichang village under Henglep sub-division of Churachandpur District.

Propagated by two pioneering missionaries, Evan Thangvang and Evan Damsuok, the whole populace of the tribe have been now converted to Christianity.

Accepting lord’s almighty as their savior, twelve persons from Saichang village decided to convert to Christianity in 1912, becoming the first Christians amongst the Gangte tribe.

For the Gangtes, setting records of sort is not new to them. They have created world records, amongst others for “swimming the thick cloud (mist), blunting the sharp edge of axe with toes, whipping to death elephants by loin clothes and felling of teak trees from its trunk”. 

These records were, though without documentary evidence, but passed down generations after generations through word of mouth.

However, the record for mass bible reading has been properly documented, both by print medium as well as electronically.

The video recordings, media reports, photographs and certificate from observers were sent to record bodies such as Limca Book of Records, Asia Book of Records & India Book of Records. 

“The record bodies accepted our claim based on documentary evidence after much research, survey and cross-checking,” L.S Gangte said.

A thanks-giving program will be held in a big way on December 14, 2014, general secretary Rev. K Mawia of GCGCC, Manipur said.


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