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05 August 2013

Demand For Implementation Of Mizo Peace Accord

Aizawl, Aug 5 : Former Mizo militants will reportedly start agitating soon demanding the full implementation of Mizoram Peace Accord.

The former Mizo militants under the banner of Ex-Mizo National Army (Ex-MNA) Association has decided to stage protest rally in Aizawl on August 8, in order to show their resentment against the non-implementation of all the promises made in the Peace Accord between the government of India and Laldenga led Mizo National Front (MNF) way back in 1986, and also against the Mizoram Governor’s unfavourable reply to the Association when approached for help on his part in moving the Central Government to address their grievances.

The Ex-MNA Association even accused the Governor of looking down on the Mizo people because of his hostile response.

According to former Mizo militant leader C Zama, on July 16, leaders of Ex-MNA met the Governor at his official residence Raj Bhavan, and discussed with him about the memorandum submitted to the President of India, the Prime Minister, the UPA Chairperson and the Union Home Secretary.

The Governor was then asked to help take follow-up tasks so that the Centre may implement in full all the points written down in the Peace Accord.

The Ex-MNA Association pointed out to the Governor that the Government of India has in the Peace Accord promised to set up a separate High Court for Mizoram and to cease all the pending cases during the insurgency, but these have not been fulfilled even after 26 years after signing the Mizo Accord.

The Governor in reply said that Mizoram is not in need of a separate high court as of now as not many cases are there to deal with. The Governor moreover asked the Ex-MNA leaders whether they would go back to jungle, to which the Association leaders replied: "We won’t; but, if there occurs 2nd Uprising due to non-fulfillment of the promises in the Peace Accord, then the party with whom we have signed the Accord shall be responsible. “

Sources said that the Ex-MNA Association has not so far received any response from the President of India as well as from other Central Government officials to whom their demand has been put forth in written form in the month of May this year.

The Ex-MNA Association leaders also explained in their interaction with media persons in different districts of the state that while on the part of Mizoram, the Peace Accord has been implemented cent per cent, the Central Government on the other has not done so. They also shared their discontentment towards the Mizoram Governor in all their media interactions.

Source: Newmai News Network


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