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30 August 2013

Anger May Brew Among Northeast Youth if Jobs Are Not Created, Says Economist

Guwahati, Aug 30 : Economist Bibek Debroy said the northeast needs to create more jobs to absorb the youths of the region as absence of proper employment opportunities could lead to frustration among the youth.

"Enrollment in educational institutions is rising in the northeast. If jobs are not created in the region, anger will start brewing among the youth," Debroy said at the North East Marketing Conclave organized by FIhere on Thursday.

Debroy said that although a large part of India's population is young, the demographic dividend is not going to last long as "young India" is going to age.

"Young India is impatient. The angry protests against sexual violence and corruption we have seen in the recent past have their fundamental roots in economics. This demographic dividend is not an open-ended window because by 2030-35, young India is going to age. If we expect our growth rate to be eight to nine percent, it must not be in mere numbers. It should translate into jobs and other benefits for young India," Debroy said.

The region is endowed with natural and human resources and is geographically well-positioned for trade linkages with south and Southeast Asia. Economists, corporate leaders and policymakers gathered at the conclave deliberated on how to market the northeast as a business destination and to explore opportunities to tap the region's economic potential.

He said for the northeast, it is of prime importance to ensure that the sources of revenues in the region are tapped properly. Once that is done, it should be ensured that the revenues are used for common goods and services.

Health and education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the time has come to brand the northeast and market its potential in a proper manner.

FICCI's northeast advisory council chairman, Ranjit Barthakur, said that the long international border the northeast shares with neighbouring countries is its greatest advantage and will help market the region's products and potential.

Barthakur said that tourism is another sector with great potential and the northeast is "a paradise" waiting to be discovered. "The region's tourism sector has the potential to stimulate growth in different sectors of economy," he added.


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