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04 July 2013

Population Register Hits Road Block in Meghalaya

By Raju Das

Shillong, Jul 4 : The ambitious National Population Register (NPR) has hit a road block in Meghalaya with the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) today opposing the registration citing “unabated influx of outsiders in the State.”

The Centre is bringing the entire population of India under the NPR by creation of digital database having identity details of all the individuals along with photographs, finger biometrics and iris images of individuals. The enrollment is for all citizens of India who have attained the age of five and above.

The KSU met the Home Minister Roshan Warjri and demanded that the State Government should stall the ongoing NPR biometric enrollment as well as implementation of AADHAR in the State.

“Our demand to the State Government is to stop this biometric enrollment and implementation of AADHAR in the State. This enrolment has come at a time when the State is fighting influx,” KSU president Daniel Khyriem said after the meeting with the Home Minister.

The KSU leader argued that NPR biometric enrollment or implementation of AADHAR will only help outsiders to strengthen their claim of being residents of Meghalaya.

The NPR bio-metric enrollment of all residents of the State began on June 21 from Raj Bhavan with the first citizen of the State, Governor RS Mooshahary completing the enrollment process.

The biometric enrolment in the State is part of the second phase of data collection for NPR. The first phase of this national exercise has been completed successfully in the State in 2010 along with the Housing and House Listing Operations of 2011 Census.

Meanwhile, the KSU said that the Home Minister has assured the students’ delegation that she would inquire into the status of the ongoing enrollment process of NPR.


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