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22 July 2013

Mizoram Law Commission working on Marriage Bill

Aizawl, Jul 22 : Mizoram Law Commission is currently working with "The Mizo Marriage, Divorce & Inheritance Bill, 2013" which they said is likely to be finalized by July 26.

Mizoram Law Commission Chairman, R Lalrinawma said, "We the Mizos simply follow our Customary Laws for marriage, divorce and inheritance, which is but not a law per se.

It is also not clear which one of our marriages is taken into account, whether the marriage in the church or of the traditional rites at homes.

Therefore, we want to be specific about all these, and thereby have a proper law" .

"The law as drafted will especially benefit the womenfolk as to ensure their shares in case of divorce, inheritance etc.," the Law Commission Chairman added.

He then said, "The law which has been drafted, if approved, shall be put up to the Assembly", adding, "On the condition if the demand for the law is high enough, it could be used through Ordinance even before it is passed by the Assembly" .

Fulfilling its manifesto in the 2008 Assembly Election, the ruling Congress party has set up the 'Mizoram Law Commission' on April 21, 2009.Besides its Chairman and the Member Secretary, the Law Commission comprises 10 members.

It can be noted here that on July 10, Mizoram State Law Commission in its 18th meeting had discussed on The Mizo Marriage Bill, The Inheritance Bill, 2013 and had reviewed them.

That meeting had proposed to hold seminar and consultation programmes for wider discussion over the Bills, after which, they shall be put up to the State Assembly.

Talking about the bills being reviewed Mizoram Law Commission Chairman, R.Lalrinawma said such Bills are important for all the Mizo families.

This is especially for the improvement and upliftment of the condition of the Mizo women, he added.

Even the State Government finds it crucial, the Chairman further said, and added that due to the need for utmost cautiousness the Bills cannot be brought forward earlier in time, but now it has been brought to its final stage which is thankful.

It is necessary that such crucial laws are had by the society, the Law Commission Chairman said.


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