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29 May 2013

Mizoram To Produce 60% Of Rice

Aizawl, May 29 : Mizoram was making efforts to produce 60 per cent of its rice requirement during the 12th Plan, state Agriculture Secretary Lalram Thanga said today.

Addressing Farmers' meet organised by Agriculture department here, Thanga said that Mizoram could produce only 20 per cent of its rice requirement during the eleventh plan period and efforts were now made to produce 1.06 metric tonne which would be 60 per cent of the requirement of the staple food of the Mizos.

Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla also said that fund allocation for covering 1.35 lakh families in the state under the flagship programme of the present government, New Land Use Policy (NLUP), was already in place.

Lal Thanhawla claimed that there has been 48 per cent reduction of jhum cultivation areas after implementation of the NLUP in the state since 2011.

He also said that fund for different departments were not diverted for NLUP as alleged by the opposition parties.


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