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15 May 2013

Mary Kom Gives Birth To Baby Boy in Imphal

Imphal May 15 : And it’s a boy! Supermom and superfighter Mary Kom this afternoon had her third baby, a bonny boy, six years after her twins were born in 2007.

A C-section arrival, the boy is yet to be named, said Onler Kom, Mary’s husband and proud father of three.

“Both the mother and newborn are doing well. The boy is very healthy,” Mary Kom’s doctor N. Purnima Devi said after the operation at Public Hospital in Imphal’s Hatta area. Like mother like son. As compared to 3.1kg, the average weight of the average baby, Mary’s littlest one weighed in at 3.81kg as he arrived at 3.10 this afternoon.

The procedure took the “usual 45 minutes to an hour”, doctors said. Mary had been admitted to the hospital yesterday. Her older twins, Rechungvar and Khupneivar, who complete six years in June, were also C-section babies. “Because of the size of the third child we didn’t want to take chances and opted for surgery,” a doctor said.

“The baby was extra healthy because she followed the doctor’s advice to the letter,” Onler said. “We were worried, though. Thank God, both our child and Mary are safe.”

Her doctors didn’t allow Mary, who was recuperating, to speak to visitors.

Their two elder sons were away at their home at Langol Games village in Imphal, waiting for the kid brother to come home.

And the littlest will learn the family way soon, says Onler. “Till he grows up it’s going to be the usual baby food, but once that’s done, he gets on to the staple —that would be rice.”

And now that she’s had another baby, will Mary, our London Olympic boxing bronze medallist, come back even stronger and win another world championship?

After all, hadn’t she won one after Rechungvar and Khupneivar came?

“Well, she will rest for six months and we will see how she recovers. Once she is okay, she is back in the ring,” said Onler, who was once her manager.

And timing is everything. Weren’t the London Olympics in August of last year? And the baby comes in May, just nine months after the games.

“She wouldn’t be allowed to fight had she been pregnant then,” said the husband. “Mary went the family way just after the Games.”

Timing surely matters. And no, whether the sons will become boxers, too, isn’t under consideration now. It will be only once they grow up.

Just one more thing. The Magnificent one isn’t throwing in the towel in the ring all right, but when it comes to size of the family, now that they’d crossed the “hum do hamare do” line, will they wait for a daughter?

“No, we are planning to stop at three,” said Onler.


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