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31 May 2013

Dogs Posing Threat To Mizoram Town Residents

Aizawl, May 31 : Man's best friend is posing a threat to residents of south Mizoram's largest town, Lunglei. At least 726 people in Lunglei have been victims of dog bites between January 2010 and April 2013, according to the records of the Lunglei Civil Hospital.

The records showed that the number of people bitten by dogs is increasing every year - 139 in 2010, 235 in 2011 and 250 in 2012. Till April this year, 102 people have fallen prey to the dog menace. That comes to an approximate average of 25 people every month this year. Doctors at the hospital said if no preventive measures are taken and people are bitten at this rate, at least 300 people are estimated to be bitten this year.

They added that on an average, one person is treated at the hospital every day for dog bites. The cost of a single anti-rabies injection is Rs 400 and the full treatment costs Rs 2,000, an amount many people can't afford.

A meeting of village councils and local leaders convened by Lunglei district deputy commissioner V Sapchhunga on Thursday discussed the issue of control of domestic animals, especially dogs and local (desi) chickens.

The meeting decided that stringent action should be taken against those who left their dogs and chicken to roam the streets. The village council leaders were asked to take strict measures with regards to the dog menace.

There is a large population of stray dogs in Lunglei and their number is only increasing. To curb the canine menace, former Lunglei district magistrate Margaret Zohmingthangi had issued a shoot-at-sight order to police for stray dogs in the town. The move, however, drew flak from animal rights activists who launched scathing attacks on Zohmingthangi.


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