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19 April 2013

PMO Hit Back With 'Empty Promises' in Mizoram

Aizawl, Apr 19 : With Mizoram state assembly elections around the corner, hollow promises made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, UPA chair Sonia Gandi and her would-be prime minister son Rahul Gandhi before the last polls have reverberated in the Prime Minister Office.

The Mizo National 'Youth' Front, the largest opposition in the Congress-ruled state, submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister today telling him and the mother-son duo not to visit Mizoram only to visit Mizoram to lure voters with tall promises during election campaign anymore.

In the memorandum, the MNYF recollected how the state Congress chief Lal Thanhawla and others promised the people of Mizoram that the Congress party if voted to power would distributed not less than one lakh rupees to all families under its flagship programme New Land Use Policy (NLUP) which will be implemented with Prime Minister special package.

'The people were convinced when the central Congress leaders, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi reaffirmed this commitment in their public speechehes in Aizawl in the run-up to the 2008 December polls,' the memorandum stated, adding that this was the major factor behind the Congress' thumping victory in the elections, capturing 32 of the total 40 seats.

However, contrary to the pre-poll promises, the Congress government has implemented the NLUP from the state plan fund, resulting in a serious developmental setback.

It was stated that from 2009-10 fiscal to 2013-14 fiscal, the Congress government in Mizoram has earmarked Rs 100 crore, Rs 234.87 crore, Rs 234 crore, Rs 370 crore and Rs 370 crore respectively. As a result, over forty development-oriented departments had heavily reduced budgetary allocation during the last five years.

To make matter worse, 98.88 percent of the NLUP beneficiaries belonged to the ruling Congress party, as revealed by an independent survey conducted by the state's largest church Mizoram Presbyterian Synod's social front.

"Huge amount of fund allocated for the NLUP remains unutilised. The Congress government saved the amount to woo voters as Mizoram is going to the polls by November end or early December this year," MNYF president P C Laltlansanga said.

The MNYF memorandum further stated that when Mizoram had met with major disasters during the last two decades no central leaders visited Mizoram or provided monetary relief on a par with other states. "Why was all such comforts and monetary aids showered on other states restricted for Mizoram? Is Mizoram not considered a part of India?" the MNYF asked the PM.

The MNYF said that six major disasters took place in Mizoram during the period and the Congress party ruled both at the Centre and in the state when all the said tragedies struck Mizoram.

The MNYF demanded that if the central Congress leaders had refrained from visiting Mizoram when the people need them most, they should as well refrain from visiting the state for the sole purpose of "cheating" voters during election campaign. MNYF president said on the sideline of submitting memorandum to the Prime Minister, he and his colleagues met South Korea embassy cultural centre director Kim Kum-pioung where they discussed the prospect of establishing Korean language institute in Mizoram where Korean culture influence the youth.

Showing keen interest settling up Korean language institute in Mizoram, Kim Kum-pioung hoped that understanding Korean language would pave the way for employing jobless Mizo youths in Korean companies. He also said that 70 percent of the expenditure in setting up such institute would be borne by the South Korea government.


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