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18 February 2013

Nagaland Priests For in Clean Elections

Dimapur, Feb 18 :
A group of pastors in Nagaland have decided to up their fight against the state's notoriously corrupt election process.

The churches in the city are doing overtime urging followers to be a good Christian, follow the Bible and vote with honesty in the forthcoming assembly elections on February 23.

According to a report in the Times of India, local pastors are preaching morality to followers asking them not to be influenced by money and to follow the guidelines "on the basis of constitutional rights, the democratic spirit and Christian values".

Pastors in the state - mostly Nagaland Baptist Church Council - are holding prayers, sometimes going door to door with Bible to put the fear of God in people.

"Elect the right leader. Don't be influenced by money and fear no one. Please do not sell your vote. It is a sin," goes the chorus, that is often read during the Sunday mass.

The pastors also plan to hold prayers outside every polling booth on the day of elections for moral pressure on both candidates and voters.

The novel initiative was conceived by the NBCC, which began its Clean Election Campaign in 2011.


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